Comparing Meshroom against PhotoScan

PhotoScan (Agisoft Metashape) is a leading tool for photogrammetric processing which can produce great results even using your mobile phone to grab enough shots around your object. Meshroom is the same kind of tool but it’s open source.

My first attempts at using photogrammetry software focused on a coffee table. Photoscan did not pick out the thin table legs, but I suspect some better lighting and more camera shots lower down would have resolved that.

Exported to Sketchfab:

I then moved onto testing a sequoia tree trunk in Meshroom:

And see below the same data set within PhotoScan:

Given that I did not adjust too many of the extensive settings within Meshroom, I think it came very close to PhotoScan’s quality of mesh. Meshroom is in it’s early stages and is due to have an update early 2019, so I will review again after the next release.

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