Virtual Terrain in Sketchfab

Virtual Terrain in Sketchfab Despite the limit of 50mb per model uploaded on Sketchfab’s free service, you are able to get a surprising number of Tris within that limit. My Lyme Regis example below has 1.6million! Flown imagery sourced from Bing, and DEM generated from Defra data.

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go to link Looks like Sketchfab are pushing the streaming tech with their new ‘MASSIVE‘ service allowing for 80million Tris+. Obviously this is on a paid service given the underlying models will be huge.

Comparing Meshroom against PhotoScan

Comparing Meshroom against PhotoScan PhotoScan (Agisoft Metashape) is a leading tool for photogrammetric processing which can produce great results even using your mobile phone to grab enough shots around your object. Meshroom is the same kind of tool but it’s open source.

source site My first attempts at using photogrammetry software focused on a coffee table. Photoscan did not pick out the thin table legs, but I suspect some better lighting and more camera shots lower down would have resolved that.

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