So much to learn so little time

I’m a big fan of Open Source software, my initial exposure to the benefits of open source came from a requirement to work on some 3D modelling back in 2010 – Blender solved the problem, and I’ve loved learning more about it ever since. With a push to v2.8 in 2019, it brought us incredible real time rendering features, and with the Blender Development Fund firmly in place, I think it will soon be an arguable contender against the big players like Maya & Houdini.

More recently I’ve enjoyed exploring great swathes of free spatial geo data, and the essential tools/applications for all things GIS – predominantly using QGIS as my starting point.

I’ve been particularly fascinated with geospatial imagery ever since I started playing within Bohemia Interactive’s RV4 engine, to create virtual worlds by combining NASA DEM’s and satellite imagery. one of my primary goals is to complete the creation of a 40km2 terrain using real world data.

This will simply be a place to note down my discoveries, and progress on any projects I’m working on.